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At Graphically Speaking, I want to assist you in your planning needs. I can do this in many ways.


Those who scoff and say “they don’t make things the way they used to…” are right. They don’t, thank goodness. They make them so much better.


No matter what style, size or function you require in a home, Graphically Speaking is the BEST way to discover that your “dream home” can be a reality.


So you’re thinking of building a home. You will find that with all the predictions being made about the social and housing trends to come, it’s inevitable that more and more new homes are being built to satisfy a “generic” home owner profile.

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Tis the Season….

Well not that season exactly, but it certainly is the season to start thinking about your new home. You’ve spent […]

Measure up…

When making plans for a new home, a new addition, or even just new furniture, getting the right dimensions can […]

Never built new? Welcome!

Never built a new house or had one built for you? Don’t worry, there’s help and hope for you and […]

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