Measure up…

When making plans for a new home, a new addition, or even just new furniture, getting the right dimensions can be critical. Finding out that the new sofa doesn’t fit (yes I’ve seen that happen) or that the room just isn’t as big as you thought it would be, can be a major hassle and certainly a let-down. Smart home designers will help you not only visualize your new home or addition, but will arm you with tools to make the process of sizing rooms simple and effective.
Over the years, I have always advised my clients that they need to “go from what you know to what you don’t know”. Look, we all live in houses of some sort. I have yet to get a client that has been living in a tent or a cave and are looking to build their first real home! So let’s be practical: you know that your living/dining/bedroom is a) too small b) too big or c) just right. So go from “what you know” (a, b, or c) to what you don’t know (that set of lines on the computer screen or blueprint that is supposed to represent your new space). If your bedroom is 12’ x 14’ and the king-sized bedroom suite you have is really jammed in there, well if the new plan calls for an 11’x 16’ bedroom, then you may well be able to envision if that furniture will fit in there.
I often suggest that my clients take the painter’s tape (its low tack so shouldn’t leave a residue) and mark out the size of the new room. Or make appropriately scaled cut outs of their furniture and set them out on an equally scaled floor plan to see how they may or may not fit.
It is critical to measure the rooms that you currently live in for comparison. Or maybe your friend has a great kitchen that you want to mimic (don’t tell them that!). Or maybe you saw a family room in a show home that you would just die for. I suggest getting a laser measuring device. They aren’t excessively expensive anymore and they can measure not only the main dimensions of a room, but also the height of that vault or two story entryway that you love. No guessing. Just the facts. I use a Bosch GL825 to measure up for additions and renovations especially. Long gone are the days I would try to run a measuring tape up the side wall of a tall gable in the wind, trying not to curse in front of the client as the tape repeatedly bent sideways, always when it just near the peak! It is super valuable when measuring out for renovation work. No more trying to find a direct path under the couch to the wall. Or having the home owner hold the other end as I tried to step over the dog/cat/kid/parakeet. There are plenty of more reasonably priced units out there, available at your local home center. Even if you never use it again (and believe me you will), it will be a very worthwhile investment in your new home or space.

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